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  • May 27, 2020 3:07 PM | Barbara MacDonald (Administrator)

    Shopping for FUEL

    Families at St. Stephen's, The Epiphany School and our friends in the Newton Public School system need your help. We have four ways to meet this extraordinary moment, and we need your help.

    Below is a list of the items we are asking you to consider adding to your regular grocery shopping, Instacart order, or even an Amazon or Walmart delivery order. Even if you are limited to one or two of an item, if fifty of us order one or two each, we will quickly acquire the food we need to meet our partners' needs. There are covered bins outside the parish offices for collection of food, as well as paper or plastic bags.

    FUEL especially needs the items below in red with an asterisk.


    1 can chicken (12.5oz) or 2 cans of tuna (5oz each) or 1 bag of beans and 1 peanut butter (28oz-40oz)


    2 cans of fruit (15oz each) [pineapple, fruit cocktail, pears, peaches or mandarin oranges] or equivalent in individual serving cup and/or 1 jar of apple sauce (48oz or equivalent in individual cups)


    1 pound pasta [any type]

    1 bag of rice

    1 box of macaroni and cheese (6oz each)

    1 box of cereal (20oz) or cereal bars

    1 box of crackers (10-15oz)*


    1 can or bottle of marinara sauce (24-48oz)*

    2 cans soup (10-15oz each)*

    The second way is through $50 VISA gift cards. Our mission partner, St. Stephen’s, is looking to make fifty $50.00 cards available each week, one per family. These cards will help with incidentals as almost 70% of St. Stephen's families report having an immediate family member out of work. These cards may be purchased online or in person at Shaw's, CVS or Walgreens throughout the area.

    These we ask to be sent to the Redeemer Parish Office or dropped off in the mail slot at Redeemer so that we can bring them weekly as a bundle to St. Stephen's along with their FUEL Food Bags.

    The third way is to provide cotton socks and underwear to unhoused men and women.

    Commoncathedral is currently in need of Multi packs of Cotton socks and Cotton Underwear Briefs for both Men and Women S, M, L & XL.

    These items can be ordered online and shipped to Church of the Redeemer, 379 Hammond St. Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.

    We have also put a donation bin at the exterior office door for those that wish to pick them up at a store and drop them off at the church.

    The fourth way is making sandwiches at home for common cathedral.

    Families, singles and couples are invited to make 50 individually wrapped sandwiches, and provide granola bars &/or fresh fruit for common cathedral. Redeemer parishioners can make them in the safety of their home and then deliver them to Emmanuel Episcopal Church (15 Newbury Street, Boston). Here is the Sign Up Genius Link to choose your day!

  • May 27, 2020 9:24 AM | Barbara MacDonald (Administrator)

    I've started a small but helpful spiritual discipline over the last weeks that goes something like this: when I go out of the house to the pharmacy, the grocery store, Dumpling House (for the absolutely necessary weekly soup dumpling take-out) or wherever, I try a new exercise of prayer. As I drive I pray for the masked drivers in the other lanes. I pray for the people pushing shopping carts across the socially distanced parking lot. And, I pray for the cashiers and workers as I zip through the aisles.

    What I noticed in my prayer this week was an idea: work is essential for a hopeful soul. What I saw at Home Depot this week were innumerable people, previously sequestered at home, strolling the outdoor aisles of vegetable seedlings and flowering annuals. Their carts were loaded up with new hoses, sprinklers, grass seed and all the other normal implements of spring. But this time there was an intangible something about hitherto banal spring project shopping.

    It was the same inside in the paint aisle and in the lumber section. Little projects of home and garden pushing people out into the world. And as I prayed, I didn't sense burden or obligation. I sensed hopefulness. One doesn't undertake even the simplest of home repairs or projects when one feels hopeless. The very act of repairing something, building something, or even having a gallon of paint mixed carries a certain hopefulness with it; a possible future written in the act. Yes, the work will solve a practical problem, but it will also mean a perfect tomato on a sultry August afternoon, a new baby in that repainted room that's now the nursery, or a cool living room thanks to that new window AC unit that your wife asked you to buy four years ago. Work, in so many forms, is an act of hopefulness especially in this moment of COVID-19.

    Mike +

  • May 26, 2020 7:28 AM | Barbara MacDonald (Administrator)

    Dear Redeemer Faithful,

    It is difficult to believe that more than two months have passed since we were last together for public worship. Since that time, we have grown accustomed to streaming worship services, Zoom bible studies, and virtual fellowship. It has been a very long two months indeed.

    On Monday, Governor Charlie Baker announced that houses of worship are now permitted to gather for public worship under strict guidelines of occupancy, social distancing, and CDC outlined cleaning procedures. However, each parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts is ultimately under the canonical authority of the Bishop of Massachusetts. In coordination with the Rt. Rev. Doug Fisher of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, Bishop Alan Gates has promulgated a fifteen page staged reopening plan that will lift the suspension of public worship on July 1st provided certain criteria are met and the public health situation allows.

    The bishops' document, "A Journey By Stages", provides four stages for reopening that are keyed to public health indicators as provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These stages will stretch on for months (not weeks) so as to ensure that our parishes do not become transmission epicenters the likes about which you are hearing in the news.

    Our goal is to open for the first public worship service on Sunday, August 16th. We are aware that we could open sooner, however, given our historical summer attendance, the success of virtual offerings, Ministry Team vacation needs, and our desire to ensure the safest return possible August 16th seems the best date. The first services will see a gradual increase in the number of permitted worshipers as we will need to fine-tune our procedures for entrance, egress, bathroom access, cleaning, and social distancing. We will continue to stream worship services indefinitely so as to ensure that maximum participation in worship is maintained.

    In the weeks beginning on the last week of June 28th through July 12th, the Redeemer Ministry Team will take a partial programmatic pause. Services will continue for those three Sundays: however, adult programming, coffee hour, and bible studies will be placed on hold. These weeks will give the team a much-needed respite. Children's ministries will take a comparable pause at the beginning of August. The Ministry Team have worked tirelessly these last months to provide a completely new set of offerings through a wholly new medium. They are blessed, but they are tired. Rest assured, the latter half of July and first weeks of August will be filled with preparations to welcome our parish home.

    Please know that our goal in reopening is first and foremost to gather as the Body of Christ. To do that safely, we need your help and patience. Rest assured that our reopening will be cautious, deliberate, thoughtful and maybe even (for some) exhausting. However, we must be compassionately flexible with one another and circumstances beyond our control. At any time, a surge in COVID-19 infections will require another suspension of public worship. Patience, kindness and humor will be our greatest companions. Know beyond a doubt that we cannot wait to see you!

    Faithfully in Christ,

    Carolyn, Aaron and Mike

  • May 20, 2020 11:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Sunday morning, the Day of Pentecost, May 31st, we will offer a 10am Morning Prayer service via Facebook Live and Redeemer Youtube.

    To participate in our 10am service please click on the video on Facebook live (the easiest option), go to the  Redeemer Facebook Page. 

    1. Click on the 'More' tab at the top and then click 'Videos.' This will bring you to a page of Redeemer videos. 
    2. The newest video is always at the top left, so click that--it should have a little red tag that says "LIVE." It will have an image of Mike and Emily in the Nave.
    3. Please note: If you are using a hand-held device, the 'videos' tab appears above the map. 

    We also broadcast all of our services on Redeemer YouTube Channel, Redeemer Episcopal Media. Click here to view.

    A copy of our leaflet will be included in our Friday email. If you have a Book of Common Prayer at home, we would encourage you to use it!  We are also offering a Morning Prayer service M-S at 9:30 am and an Evening Prayer service M-S at 4:30pm via Facebook Live.

  • April 27, 2020 4:05 PM | Barbara MacDonald (Administrator)

    Jack Goldsmith, Faye Bodley-Dangelo, and Mike Dangelo will lead a 5-week bible study of the Book of Job on Thursday evenings. Job is one of the most widely read texts in the Old Testament offering powerful insights into questions of human suffering, divine sovereignty and the relevance of faith in light of both.

    This study will require more work in advance than most as we work to read forty-two chapters and discuss them over five weeks. There will not be time to read the assignments during the sessions, so it is important to read in advance in preparation for each session.

    The sessions will be on Thursday nights from 7:30-9:00pm from May 7 through June 4. We will meet via Zoom.

    The assignment for the first session on May 7 is chapters 1-3. However, Faye and Jack ask that participants read the entire book before the first session if possible. This is hard to do, but it has many rewards; and if you do it you will have a better appreciation for the sessions (especially the first one).

    If you are interested in participating, or if you have any questions, please email Jack Goldsmith.  Jack or Faye will circulate the Zoom link a few days before the meeting.

  • April 05, 2020 1:44 PM | Barbara MacDonald (Administrator)

    The Reverend Michael B. Dangelo offers two Adult Bible Studies on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11:30am, before and after the 10am worship service. Please join us on Zoom, listed in Friday's weekly email to the parish.

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