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teens at redeemer

Teens at the Redeemer

The Redeemer community is committed to walking alongside young people in their spiritual lives. This means that we welcome them to be participants and leaders in our worship as youth assistants,  lectors, acolytes and servers, even as we provide separate spaces for them to think and pray together.

Youth Assistants

We welcome young people in 4th-12th grades at all points of their spiritual lives to join us in leadership! Assistants attend a brief training session and then are free to sign up whenever they like to assist in our Godly Play classrooms on Sunday mornings. Our youngest students are excited to have "the big kids" with them in class, and our teachers are very grateful for a calm and helpful presence! Please contact our Director of Children, Teens and Family Ministries for more information.

Middle School Youth Group (5th - 7th grades)

This group meets every Sunday and is led by Youth Minister Barrie Rose Bliss. We gather at 5pm for the evening Eucharist with the confirmands and community, and then at 5:30 have dinner together, conversation, activities, and discussion of the Bible and theological questions. We end at 7pm. The program is a little different each year, depending on the interests of the group, and it is designed thoughtfully and intentionally by Ms. Bliss and her co-teacher, Katherine Roer.

Confirmation Class (8th grade)

Our nine-month Confirmation Class will present what the historic community of faith has held as responses to the questions, "what do we believe, how do we pray and how then shall we live?" We also set aside time to enjoy each other’s company and to serve in the church community. While the class is required for those wanting to participate in the Episcopal Diocesan rite of Confirmation in the spring, each participant will choose whether or not he or she is ready to make a public affirmation of their faith several weeks before. Most of our students are 8th graders, but students 8th-12th grades are welcome to join. We meet twice a month from 5pm to 7pm on Sunday nights, including the evening Eucharist.

High School Youth Group (9th - 12th grades)

We offer a chance for high schoolers to gather and to worship together, talk about the Bible, and eat together. It is our primary desire to cultivate a community of high schoolers willing and able to wrestle with the tough questions of faith in an environment that welcomes, affirms, and accepts all people. In addition to these important goals, we also want youth group to be a place where teens can relax, be themselves, and have fun.

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