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A Special Message to the Parish

April 24, 2020 2:43 PM | Michael Dangelo (Administrator)

Meeting COVID-19 Head On

Dear Friends of the Redeemer,

COVID-19 is challenging us all in extraordinary ways. We cannot visit those we know and love. We cannot go outside without wearing a mask. We cannot gather to pray for the world in the ways we know and need.

Some of these challenges, let's face it, are inconveniences. For others, however, the economic disruption is catastrophic. Jobs are being lost, rent is going unpaid, and bringing food to the table is proving more and more difficult.

After extensive conversations with our Strategic Ministries Committee and our partners at St. Stephen's, The Epiphany School and our friends in the Newton Public School system, we believe we have two ways to meet this extraordinary moment, and we need your help.

The first is food. Whereas in years past FUEL has been able to purchase large quantities of specific foodstuffs, grocery stores and bulk food stores are now limiting the quantities of essential foods FUEL can purchase. Two of this and one of these will not meet the needs of the moment. Below is a list of the items we are asking you to consider adding to your regular grocery shopping, Instacart order, or even an Amazon or Walmart delivery order. Even if you are limited to one or two of an item, if fifty of us order one or two each, we will quickly acquire the food we need to meet our partners' needs. We will provide covered bins outside the parish offices for collection. You may also order some of these things and have them delivered directly to the parish offices. FUEL will continue to use Easter Offering funds to purchase these items every way we can, however, we need the buying power of the whole parish to meet these needs. Your generosity will make all the difference as we will be trying to fill 125 FUEL bags for delivery every Thursday. 


1 can chicken (12.5oz) or 2 cans of tuna (5oz each) or 1 bag of beans and 1 peanut butter (28oz-40oz)


2 cans of fruit (15oz each) [pineapple, fruit cocktail, pears, peaches or mandarin oranges] or equivalent in individual serving cups and/or 1 jar of apple sauce (48oz or equivalent in individual cups)


1 pound pasta [any type], 

1 bag of rice 

1 box of macaroni and cheese (6oz each)

1 box of cereal (20oz)  or cereal bars

1 box of crackers (10-15oz)


1 can or bottle of marinara sauce (24-48oz)

2 cans soup (10-15oz each)

The second way is through VISA gift cards. St. Stephen's is looking to make fifty $50.00 cards available each week, one per family. These cards will help with incidentals as almost 70% of St. Stephen's families report having an immediate family member out of work. These cards may be purchased online or in person at Shaw's, CVS or Walgreens throughout the area. These we ask to be sent to the Redeemer Parish Office or dropped off in the mail slot at Redeemer so that we can bring them weekly as a bundle to St. Stephen's along with their FUEL Food Bags.

Friends, these are extraordinary times, and I believe that God has called this extraordinary parish to meet them with wisdom and compassion. I hope you will help.

In Hope,


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