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History and Formation of the Strategic Ministries Committee

“Engaging the parish to develop and nurture programs and relationships that further the mission of the Church of the Redeemer within its walls and beyond, by serving those in need and forming disciples of Christ.”

From its beginning in 1885, The Church of the Redeemer community recognized the need to serve others requesting “one Sunday offering a month should go to missions.” Over the years, serving others expanded to include participating in volunteer activities, mission trips, and assisting refugees.  The Church Service Leagues (CSL) historically funded the Redeemer’s mission and outreach activities through the Christmas Market, stretching back nearly 50 years. The Redeemer’s Mission & Outreach (M&O) Committee continued this tradition by focusing on building strong relationships, including volunteering opportunities as well as providing financial support, with a limited number of partners.

In the fall of 2018 the Redeemer’s Vestry elected to expand these efforts by allocating a portion of the annual budget to support mission and outreach activities. During 2019, the Vestry and CSL collaborated to create the Strategic Ministries Committee (SMC).  The SMC was formed for the purpose of “engaging the parish to develop and nurture programs and relationships that further the mission of the Church of the Redeemer within its walls and beyond, by serving those in need and forming disciples of Christ.” 

Engagement is an operative word in the purpose statement, and it includes not just financial support but also being “present” in the community to improve the lives of those around us. It is also about fellowship within the parish. Ultimately, it is about our collective work to deepen discipleship and, as individuals and a community, become more and more Christ-like. Working together to bring the “good news” to our parish, our city, and even our world. 

Strategic Ministries Committee & Advisory Members

Strategic Ministry Committee Members

Debby Mills, Co-chair, Church Service League

Aaron Dunn, Co-chair, Junior Warden

Amy Weed, Church Service League

Anne Grandin, Church Service League

Judy Oulund, Vestry

Peter Schilling, At Large Committee Member

Leslie Williams, At Large Committee Member

Anila Thomas, At Large Committee Member

Katie McEachern, At Large Committee Member

Alex Ewing, At Large Committee Member

Carolyn Ross, Senior Warden

Rev. Michael Dangelo, Rector 

Advisory Committee Members:

Youth and Education:

Maisie Pollard

Lucia Dolan

Food Insecurity:

Velura Perry

Peter Schilling


Deborah Tamulis

Global Outreach:

Steve Mead

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