Who We Support:

"We, the [Mission and] Outreach Committee of the Church of the Redeemer, with God's Guidance, strive to seek and serve Christ in all persons. Blessed with so much for which we are thankful, we affirm that much is requred of us in ministering to our fellow men, women and children int he community of Chestnut Hill and beyond. Our mission is conducted through the ministries of all the Committee members and the parish. Serving many, we are especially conscious of the needs of those who may be sick, malnourished, abused, lonely and persecuted or who are the victims of famine, natural disasters or economic injustice. Through our own service, we hope the parish and those we aid and support will continue to mature as God's people and that our service will promote a greater sense of community in the parish."

2012 Mission and Outreach Committee Annual Report