St. Stephen's & B-SAFE

St. Stephen's is an Episcopal mission church in the South End which provides many needed services for the neighborhood people including an after-school program, a summer enrichment camp, a food pantry and lunches. The after-school program (B-READY) supports 185 youth during the school year and its B-SAFE summer camp provides a safe place for 540 young people during the summer.

St. Stephen’s substantial outreach work is rooted in a lively and welcoming worship community offering the Episcopal liturgy on Sunday mornings in both Spanish and English, and with hymns that reflect the diversity of the community’s background. During the school year, there is a Family Eucharist on Tuesday evenings.

As a mission church, it is not self-sufficient, so it has several partner churches that help it meet its financial and staffing needs and the Redeemer is one of those.

As a partner church, the Church of the Redeemer aids St. Stephen's in carrying out its ministry. Specifically, the Redeemer tries to:

  1. Strengthen and support the work of St. Stephen's parish with its time, talent, and treasure
  2. Facilitate interactions between the people of its congregation and the people of St. Stephen's
  3. Support St. Stephen’s children's programs, specifically the after-school program and the summer enrichment camp program. This commitment is parish-wide and everyone is welcome to participate in these programs.

In addition to financial support, every year the Redeemer organizes a Christmas party for the after-school program and sponsors lunches for the B-SAFE training week in the summer. Some Redeemer parishioners volunteer on a long-term basis as tutors.  In the past, we have also helped with various service projects such as building playgrounds and repainting rooms.

St. Stephen's youth were an important part of our Mission teams ever year. We work hard in our mission fundraising to provide scholarships that make their participation possible. Click here for more information on scholarships from the Mission Fund.