Pilgrim Africa Mission Trip 2011:

The 2011 Mission Trip to Pilgrim Africa involved agriculture, bullet removal and other post-war surgery, trauma counseling, guest teaching at Beacon of Hope College, planning and conducting a 1st Annual Science Fair (which has been continued in the years hence), a visit to a game preserve, delivery of relief supplies, and many choral recordings of local choirs.

Parishioners Betsy McConnell and Alyson Lee participated in the 4th Annual Trauma conference, training Ugandan counselors in trauma therapy and then working directly with patients in refugee camps. 
William Mead shared his experience of recovering from alcohol addiction with the counselors at the conference as an example of how personal testimony can be used in effective counseling treatment. Dorsey preached and taught several times throughout the area during the trip.

Photos provided by Lloyd Dahmen, Laetisha Mead, Steve Mead.