Helping Hands

Helping Hands, formerly called Pastoral Care Committee, was originally a group of women who prepared casseroles for members of the parish needing food and a friendly smile because of illness, a family situation, or just general support. The committee did all of the meal preparation and the responsibility of preparing the dinner rotated among the committee members each month.

The committee now looks at itself as a form of pastoral care ministry. It provides organizational leadership and a ready set of people to call upon to provide care, but now all members of the parish are called upon when there is a crisis in a family or someone needs special care. Both men and women are on the committee.

A care chain is then set up and either meals are provided, or a support system is established. The goal of the committee is to reach out to as many members of the parish as possible and for those members to know the Pastoral Care Committee is there to help them in any way large or small.

Any member of the committee can be contacted at any time, depending upon which member the parishioner in need feels most comfortable. Anne Grandin setts up the care chain for any given situation, so all requests will eventually be channeled to her.

We work as a team and are always looking for new members who would like to be involved. We are confidential and always ready to help in a loving way.

Anne Grandin, Chair