Recommended Adult Formation Resources:

This page provides the Redeemer community with an eclectic collection of resources for family formation that we’ve found along our journey as Christian formation specialists. It’s brand new, and we are always looking for good suggestions of links to add.

For more information or to suggest a resource, contact the Parish Administrator. 617-566-7679 ext. 100. 

Episcopal 101--Father Matthew Presents
Father Matthew is a video blogger priest from Yonkers whose accessible explanations of Episcopal practices and beliefs are brief and entertainingly aimed at a college-aged or older audience.

Church Publishing
Our Episcopal publisher, Church Publishing sells everything from Bibles and hymnals to books on Vestry leadership, family formation and individual devotionals. It also sells curriculum and some Christian accessories.

Bible Gateway
This searchable database provides Biblical passage look-up in a variety of translations and languages. Redeemer staff use this resource when consulting different versions of the Bible for teaching purposes.

St. Isaac of Skete Icons

We find many icons for personal inspiration on this site and highly suggest them for adult or youth Confirmation gifts.  You might recognize some of the Skete icons from seeing them at the Redemer.

Trinity Icons
Trinity Stores offers a wide collection of iconic productions from a variety of artists, both contemporary and  classical. This sight features saint icons for 20th century saints, as well as icons of Biblical characters.

Reading material

We recommend any of C.S. Lewis' writings, especially The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters.  Also recently published is The C. S. Lewis Bible (NRSV) with cross references to C.S. Lewis' works.

Recommended by Amy Cook at the Diocese is Devotional Classics by Richard J. Foster.


Spiritual Direction

For resources on Spiritual Direction, a one-on-one guided process of spiritual development, and retreat center opportunities, please click here for our Pastoral Care page.