Redeemer Rockers

There are several fellowship activities throughout the year for parishioners over 50. The Redeemer Rockers host stimulating speakers, intimate concerts with a variety of solo musicians and themed parties including an annual Valentine's party and a garden party in the spring/early summer.

Redeemer Rocker's events at the Redeemer have recently become a stronger focus of the Fellowship Committee in response to positive feedback and great attendance at the events and parties.

We are always looking for ways to make the Redeemer better for all of its members, but are particularly interested in making sure the Redeemer cares for its parishioners over 55.

For more information on the Redeemer Rockers events, contact Redeemer Rocker Committee Chair, Debby Notman, at 617-566-7679.

Monthly Redeemer Movie Nights

Monthly movie nights are run by and attended by seniors, although everyone is invited and all ages frequently attend. Contact Movie Night Coordinators Sara Shelton or Fred Carter for more information, 617-566-7679.