Two lay lectors are assigned each week to read the appointed lessons for the day from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Lectors do not vest, and they are seated among the congregation. At the time of the reading, they come forward to the lectern, announce the lesson and deliver the message in a way that the Word of God may be heard and understood by the people. 

For the current lectionary readings, see our Lectionary page and look up the appropriate date in the calendar. We use the Book of Common Prayer version of the lectionary.

New lectors are trained for their ministry by the Verger of the parish, Suzy Westcott. The schedule is made before the start of the first and second halves of the liturgical year. The monthly Redeemer News also has the Service Assistant schedule for that month.

Become a Service Assistant

Contact Verger Suzy Westcott using the contact information below

Suzy Westcott
617-566-7679 ext. 150