Lay Eucharistic Ministers

As Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs), adult parishioners assist the clergy by reading the Prayers of the People and helping administer communion.

LEMs serve in pairs and are vested in black cassocks and white surplices. One LEM is assigned to lead the Prayers of the People from the lectern while the other assists the priests with the preparation of the Communion table. Both LEMs assist at communion by administering the chalice (the cup of wine). 

LEMs serve at the pleasure of the Rector and must be licensed for their ministry by the bishop of the diocese, which can be easily arranged through the Redeemer. LEMs are trained for their ministry by the Verger of the parish, Suzy Westcott. The schedule is made before the start of the first and second halves of the liturgical year.  The monthly Redeemer News also has the Service Assistant schedule for that month.

Become a Service Assistant

Contact Verger Suzy Westcott using the contact information below.

Suzy Westcott
617-566-7679 ext. 150