Book of Common Prayer:

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is the common title for the prayer book of the Church of England and other churches in the Anglican Communion. 

The first BCP was published by the Church of England in 1549 as a product of the English Reformation after the split from Rome and what became the Roman Catholic Church. The BCP contains a structured and complete collection of everything said in various Anglican worship services, and includes a listing of the lectionary readings, the complete Psalter, prayers for special occasions, and tenets of faith. The BCP was the first book to list all services in full, and in English, which provided the average person with unparalleled access to the church’s rites.

The Book of Common Prayer has many variants in over 50 countries and over 150 languages. The Episcopal Book of Common Prayer in use today was last updated in 1979 in order to offer each major service in both contemporary and traditional language.

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