Acolytes and Servers

By assisting the clergy as Acolytes and Servers during the 10:00 am service, young people can learn more about our worship, liturgy, and sacraments. They have a valuable role in every service and learn respect and responsibility along the way.


Typically in the fifth, sixth, or seventh grade, acolytes wear a black cassock and white cotta, and serve in pairs.  They light and extinguish the candles at the beginning and end of the service and carry the torches in procession.  They also assist at the offertory with the offering plates and the elements (the bread and wine) as well as at Communion with the opening and closing of the altar rail gates. 


Typically in the eighth grade or older, servers wear a white alb and cincture (rope belt) and carry the processional cross. They lead the Gospel procession, collect the offering plates in the alms basin and assist at Communion by replenishing the chalices from the flagon of wine if needed.

Acolytes and servers are trained for their ministry by the Verger of the parish, Suzy Westcott. In addition, directions for their duties are listed in their leaflets.

The schedule is made before the start of the first and second halves of the program year. The monthly Redeemer News also has the Service Assistant schedule for that month, and acolytes and server families receive a reminder email the week they are assigned to serve.

Become a Service Assistant

Suzy Westcott
617-566-7679 ext. 150