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George Raine

George Raine has been a member of the parish since 2007, teaches in the Sunday School, and has served as an alternate diocesan delegate and a shepherd for the stewardship campaign. George is a partner at the law firm of Ropes & Gray, where he specializes in securities law and investment management regulatory matters. He received his undergraduate degree (in history) and law degree from Yale, as well as a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the Humboldt Universitaet in Berlin. He is married to Fernande Raine, who sings in the choir and served on the rector search committee. Together they are doing their best to raise four daughters, Eleanor, Charlotte, Martha, and Louisa (Lulu), aged ten down to four years. German is the official language of the Raine household, though often resolve falls short of intention in avoiding the vernacular. In what passes for spare time, George enjoys (though does not excel in) squash, rowing, cycling, classical clarinet, and recreational philology.