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Dick Tucker

Dick and Lisa Tucker live on Woodman Road, just down the street from the Redeemer. As a result, they can easily navigate the trip to Church. Their two boys, Toph and Willy, were both baptized at the Redeemer and can be seen annually at the Christmas Eve Family Service. (They live in New York City and Washington.)

After moving to Chestnut Hill from Boston in late 1987, Dick was encouraged by Lloyd and Gene Dahmen to become more active in the parish. So he did. His committees include the Sunday School Committee, Stewardship, Investment Committee, Finance Policy and Personnel Committee among others. Those “others” include past service as member of the Vestry, Treasurer, and the Rector Search Committee which “found” Mike Dangelo. Dick’s other activities include selling Christmas Trees, tending bar at the Auction Dinner, attending the Redeemer Concert Series, and snacking at Coffee Hour. He can usually be found Sunday mornings sitting on the left side of the aisle at the 10 a.m. service. He is not texting or gazing at his smart phone, (he doesn’t own one). If elected, he will do his best not to be too disruptive as a Vestry Member.