In July 2016, the Vestry commissioned Schoenstein & Co. of Benecia, CA,  to build a new organ for the Redeemer.  Jack Bethards (President and Tonal Director of Schoenstein) and his team, in consultation with Michael S. Murray (Director of Music) and Sean O'Donnell (consultant), have designed an organ that is centered in liturgy.  The organ's primary goal is to accompany the congregation and the choirs with expressivity and elegance.  The organ has now been installed and The Right Rev. Alan M. Gates, Bishop in the Diocese of Massachusetts, blessed the organ on May 6, 2018.


The Making of the Schoenstein Op 172
A new organ for the Church of the Redeemer's second century

To read about and see photos of how the organ was assembled in California and transported and re-constructed at the Redeemer, click here.