Church Service League

The Church Service League (CSL) was founded in 1922 "to unite the women of the Church of the Redeemer parish in a program of worship, study, service and fellowship which will deepen and strengthen their own spiritual lives and lead them into service for the Church of the parish, and community, and diocese, the nation and the world," a quote from its original charter.

Today, the CSL continues to be a vibrant part of our parish.

The League is perhaps best known for organizing the largest annual fundraising and fellowship event of the year, the Christmas Market and the Christmas Market Dinner and Auction. The Christmas Market and accompanying auction are the sole funding source for the Outreach Committee.

The CSL organizes much of the parish hospitality and inreach activities throughout the year, including hosting the fall family barbeque, light dinners before the Advent and Lenten series, other special programming, and overseeing Lovey Cercone’s work in hosting coffee hour after the 10:00 am service every Sunday (lemonade in the summer).

The CSL has its own board and charter of accounts. Meetings are the first Monday of each month at 9:00 am in the Tripp Room of the church.  These meetings are open to the parish and participation is encouraged. Although traditionally a women’s league, there are now a couple of male members. 

For more information on anything regarding the CSL, contact

Photo of CSL member emeritus Shirley Kosasky making wreaths in preparation for the Christmas Market.