Member Stories: Barbara Kennard & Brady Millican

Brady and Barbara showed up on a summer Sunday in 2011 when the Rector and the Organist were both out. But by only the second visit they had decided the Redeemer was a good fit for them.

“What got us in the door was the website. We were looking to change churches—something bigger with more adult ed., greater service opportunities,” Barbara says.

“I was amazed right away, [the website] was so well organized and easy to navigate. I called downstairs, ‘hey come look at this.’”

Brady and Barbara, although they live in Quincy, regularly attend Sunday morning worship and special weekday events at the Redeemer. Brady gladly gets up early to attend the 7:00 am Thursday Men’s Bible Study, taking a chance to lead it for awhile in Spring of 2013. He mentions that at Bible Study, opinions are welcomed and listened to with a wonderful espirit de corps among the men who gather. Since a Sunday morning Bible study started, they’ve attended that as well.

The couple was looking for a church that had plentiful opportunity for open involvement yet maintained a high level of consistent effort and organization, even on the summer Sundays like when they first visited.

“We pretty much jumped into everything. I guess we could have decided to be liturgical couch potatoes and only come on Sundays,” Brady comments.

Barbara chimes in that at the Redeemer, “Whatever people are engaged in, they are full engaged, and I find that inspiring.” After being impressed by an acting troope visit from students of Beacon of Hope College in Soroti , Africa, she is now on the Mission and Outreach Committee as the liaison for the Pilgrim Africa/Redeemer partnership that former Rector Dorsey McConnell started in 2007.

At the Redeemer Barbara said she “learned to listen to the Holy Spirit more, to be grateful for what I have, and to want to be closer to God.” She says Dorsey taught her how to love—“in ways I wanted to but had never been able to—by example, by preaching, by ever single encounter he has with everyone.”  Through participating in the life of the Redeemer, she has gained “the courage to step outside my comfort zone and do what I believe God is calling me to do.”