Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class is an opportunity for us to examine, with our minds and our hearts, the significance of the faith into which we have been baptized.  It is a time set aside to decide for ourselves what the claims of The Bible and the Church have to do with our lives.  There are many questions to consider before taking the step to confess faith in Jesus Christ and a willingness to follow him as Savior and Lord. Confirmation Class attempts to provide both the information and the setting necessary to engage these questions.

The year long Confirmation Class will present what the historic community of faith has held as responses to the questions, what do we believe, how do we pray and how then shall we live? We also set aside time to enjoy each other’s company and to serve others.  While the class is required for those wanting to participate in the Episcopal Diocesan rite of Confirmation in the spring; each participant will choose whether or not he or she is ready to make a public affirmation of their faith several weeks before. 

For more information, contact the Rev. Mike Dangelo.

Adult seeker?

Adults seeking preparation for Confirmation should also contact The Rev. Mike Dangelo

Photo provided by the Rev. Margery Kennelly.