Offering Time & Talent

The Redeemer is always looking for willing and flexible volunteers, both for activities around the parish and also beyond our walls.

  • Come to events and take high-resolution pictures. Send them to the Parish Administrator.
  • Help the Parish Administrator in the office with special mailings, such as Easter and Christmas Offerings, Stewardship campaign, etc. Involves running the folding machine, stuffing, stamping, sealing. Contact the Parish Administrator:
  • Provide elder-accessibility feedback to the fellowship and Redeemer Rocker committees. Involves feedback on certain topics throughout the year, and on an as-needed basis.
    Contact Carol Post Pfaelzer
  • Join a choir! For the Parish Choir, involves an audition with Director of Music Michael Murray. For the The Choristers, contact Director of Music Michael Murray
  • Help out with a musical reception, either Evensong or the Redeemer Concert Series. Contact Concert Series Coordinator Suzy Westcott.
  • Help out with an Outreach activity at St. Stephen’s.  In past years, this has included coordinating the Christmas book drive, staff Christmas baskets for Epiphany Middle School, or helping out at the annual St. Stephen’s after-school Christmas party. Contact Outreach Chair Amy Weed. 
  • Offer to give the elderly a ride. Involves having your name put on a contact list in the office for those who can offer rides to church Sunday mornings, or other church events. Contact the Parish Administrator
  • Join the Pastoral Care Committee. Involves offering to bring food, pay visits, etc. to those in the parish in need of care due to illness, immobility, new children, etc.  Contact Committee Chair Anne Grandin.
  • Volunteer at the Christmas Market, or to serve the Auction Dinner. Involves a couple-hour shift on the first Friday or Saturday of December. All proceeds of the Market are the sole funds for the Redeemer’s annual outreach budget. Contact Market Volunteer Chairs Julia Woodard or Cara Morvan.
  • Join a domestic or international mission trip at the Redeemer, or volunteer independently. Involves about 10 days of medium-intensity labor, including painting, mowing, animal care, planting, well-digging, teaching, etc., depending on the location. Volunteers must pay for their own expenses, which are determined jointly ahead of the trip. Contact Assistant Rector Margery Kennelly for more information.
  • Plan and coordinate a Fellowship activity. Involves contacting and working with the Fellowship Committee on an idea, including publicity, materials purchasing, working with facilities management, being in attendance. The fellowship committee is actively seeking volunteers and ideas of any stripe. Contact Fellowship Meredith Dunn.
  • Join the Sunday School Committee. Involves attending a monthly meeting on a Wednesday morning. No experience necessary. Contact the Priest for Children, Youth and Family Ministries The Rev. Emily Garcia.
  • Become a Service Assistant.  Involves participating in the service as an acolyte, server, usher, lector, or Lay Eucharistic Minister, about once a month on a pre-determined schedule. Contact Verger Suzy Westcott.
  • Volunteer directly with one of our outreach partners.  Involves contacting our outreach partners and volunteering as you are able. We often have teens as Counselors at the St. Stephen’s B-SAFE summer program, or volunteer dinner coordinators at Epiphany Middle School. Contact the Parish Administrator if you’d like to know a parishioner who is serving at a particular organization, otherwise, contact the organizations directly.
  • Shepherd the flock as a Stewardship Shepherd. Involves meeting or contacting a dozen or so parishioners regarding their plans to pledge to the Redeemer for the upcoming year. Contact Stewardship Chair Carolyn Thayer Ross.  
  • Join the Grounds, Buildings, or Investment Committee. Involves monthly behind-the-scenes meetings to keep the parish functioning operationally. May involve leadership on special projects. Contact Parish Administrator Barbara MacDonald for more information.

For more long-term volunteer involvement, consider joining:

  • The Church Service League, which plans and coordinates the Christmas Market, hosts the Advent and Lenten Series’ dinners, and hosts the annual fall BBQ.  Contact CSL President Susan Ritter.
  • The Outreach Committee, which oversees the annual administration of the Outreach Financial grants, and coordinates and leads special events with St. Stephen’s or Epiphany Middle School several times a year. Contact Outreach Co-Chairs Christina Baker or Amy Weed.