Redeemer Helping Hands at the Redeemer:

No one should EVER feel alone. Maybe someone has died, a child goes away to college, there is a big winter storm and it is not possible to shovel the snow or a parishioner just had a baby and feels alone and depressed. Feeling alone happens all the time for many reasons. At that time, you want to reach out to someone but question who will listen, who will really care. The Pastoral Care Committee of the Redeemer and our priests Rev. Mike and Rev. Emily are here for you!

Redeemer Helping Hands used to be called the Pastoral Care and is a sub-committee of the Church Service League. We are a committee of over 30 men and women who work with the priests of the Redeemer to help members of our parish. We are confidential and always available to listen and be supportive. We will provide meals, drive a parishioner to an appointment, listen to a parishioner if they need company and even babysit. We have read stories to parishioners when they are hospitalized and even brought members of the parish to the ER. We are here for anyone who needs help or support.

When a parishioner needs help, Rev. Mike and Rev. Emily are the first ones to contact. The Redeemer Helping Hands emergency number is: 617-383-9716. Anyone who wants to help others is welcome to join the Helping Hands Committee. There are so many ways to participate! Do you enjoy cooking? talking to friends? driving? listening? offering advice on healthcare and being an advocate for someone? or just being alert to an individual who needs support but doesn't want to ask for it? If so please call the Parish Administrator at 617-566-7679 who will be in touch with the committee. We will find a place for you on the committee.

We are the people who listen. We are here for you! You should never feel alone!

Anne Grandin
Coordinator, Redeemer Helping Hands Committee

Prayer List Request

If you or a loved one are in need of prayer for any reason, we would like you to consider a prayer list request.

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