The 2018 Schoenstein Organ, Opus 172

Following nearly five years of research, study, deliberations and conversations by the Organ Committee, the Vestry entered into a contract with Schoenstein & Co. of Benecia, CA, in July, 2016, to construct a new organ for the Redeemer.  

The Organ Committee and Vestry felt that Schoenstein’s long held commitment to the finest standards of quality in organ construction, sterling reputation, and, the warm and rich tones of their instruments made them the clear builder of choice.   

The Schoenstein company has been established since 1877 and is one of America's oldest and largest builders.    Their outstanding work has garnered them global respect as one of the finest builders in the industry today. Schoenstein & Co. have been responsible for building some of the most notable organs in the United States in recent times: St. James', Madison Avenue, New York, NY, St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Houston, TX, Nashville Symphony Hall, Nashville, TN and the massive instrument for the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT.    

Periodic updates to the construction of the Redeemer’s new organ will be posted on this website as the process continues. 

Jack Bethards (President and Tonal Director of Schoenstein) and his team, in consultation with Michael S. Murray (Director of Music) and Sean O'Donnell (consultant), have designed an organ that is centered in liturgy.  The organ's primary goal is to accompany the congregation and the choirs with expressivity and elegance.   

The organ is slated to arrive in January of 2018, and will be completed by Easter Day of that year.    

The Specification of the organ can be found below.